Styles: Hung Gar Kung Fu
Head Instructor: Sifu Brendan Lee
Address: 2nd Floor, 10712 98 St NW
City: Edmonton
State/ Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
Phone Number: (780) 421-7439
Email: (780) 421-7439

Ging Wu


Our goal is to provide our students a safe and positive environment to learn traditional martial arts. We feel that students can learn discipline, self confidence along with martial arts. Our Association has a deep history of cultural exchange and we are looking to develop more value for you as members and in turn drive leadership for all Sifus/Instructors in the future and pass down our traditions.

On behalf of Canadian Ging Wu, we would like to thank all of our past and present instructors who have volunteered their time to help build the association as a reputable and well-respected school in the martial arts community.

Sifu Brendan Lee

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