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Ermei Piercers/Daggers

The Emei Piercer a Chinese martial arts weapon, also called “Omei
Daggers” here in the U.S, appeared as a martial arts weapon in the last years of
the Ming Dynasty. The Emei Piercer length can vary from person to person but
can be about 1 foot long (30 cm). Composed of a iron or steel rod with a thick
middle and thin ends. The head is slightly flat, with a diamond-shaped tip. There
is a ring in the middle which is worn on the middle finger. The Piercers are
usually used in pairs one in each hand.
There are different models including the 3 sided Emei Piercer the six-sided
Piercer and the “Plum Flower” Emei Piercer, etc. This weapon uses the
techniques and skills similar to another weapon- the “Judge’s pen.”. There is
also a ringless version of this weapon. The Emei Piercer- with no middle ring, is
held directly in the middle of the palm. This version is portrayed in modern
gaming and animation.
The weapon is spun in the palm. Spinning torque originates from the wrist
and fingers. The strength of the wrist and the movement of the fingers make it
move quickly in the palm of the hand. The general technique of this weapon is to
use the rotating blade to confuse and distract the opponent so that one can get
close enough to stab out. The Ermei Piercer is also a concealable weapon. It is
possible to hide first and then launch a surprise attack.
Striking techniques include block, pierce, thread, pick, push, hinge,
buckle, provoke, pluck, slice, drill and rack, combined with bodywork, footwork,
balance, jumps, acrobatics and other movements to create exciting and deadly
routine exercises that is also graceful and unique style.

It is rumored that the Emei Piercer was created by a woman because it looks
like a woman’s hairpin, this is not the case. Another rumor is it was created by the
Taoist “Baimei” on Mount Emei. The Emei Piercer is the representative weapon
of the Emei sect. According to another theory, the Emei “thorn” was created by a
martial arts master in Shu, and it was named because it resembled a goose
It was mentioned in “Anthology of the Qing Dynasty” by Xu Ke, pub.1916-
“In the Xinhai year of Xuantong. The martial arts demonstration by boxers Dai
Miantang, Li Qinbo, and Li Chunru included the ‘Emei Needle’- which is now the
“Emei Piercer.”
Also a version of it was mentioned in “Three Heroes and Five Righteousnesses”
a classical novel of the Qing Dynasty, written by Shi Yukun, “The sword of “Jiang

Ping” and also “Huang Rong” used this kind of weapon before becoming the
leader of his gang.”
Style characteristics:
Ancient Boxing Strategy guidelines:
The ancient boxing spectrum says: “The tactics use Jingzi bu stepping for Siqi,
(present, implement and jumps) the postures are large and stretched open. the
movements are light and agile. It is a good idea to have a spirit of “murderous
intention aura” when practicing, especially included is fast adhesion. usage
contains the method of knives, staves, and swords to hit hard and enter.
According to the usage of the sword, stick to the enemy’s body; according to the
usage of the staff, moves flash and turn; according to the usage of the sword, the
movements are fast and wonderful, and the body turns and spins around. “Gou
Nengjiang” (indifferent able and ready), combine these three implements in Emei
Thorns, to use it according to its full potential. This weapon is not only used on
land, but also can be used in water. Where its usage includes picking, tapping,
penetrating, banding, splitting, throwing, and carrying, Swinging, wrapping,
holding pushing, twisting, and tying.
“Picking” starts from the bottom; the point comes out from the inside, and
the strength is in shaking; the penetration is from the outside to the inside;
“Banding” is from the right to the left, and from the front to the inside; Splitting;
throw it back and throw it horizontally; carry it on its shoulders; wrap it up; hold it
up; push it forward; twist it down; pull it apart; stab it.”
Song Formula:
“Dai’s short soldier Emei Piercer, is an odd weapon implementing tic-tac-toe
octagonal footwork (Jingzi Ba Jiao Bu Fa)
Pick a point to pierce, band, smash, and twist it.
Use it like a knife it sticks to the enemy. Use like a staff it spins from the center
and moves the essence.
Use it like a sword to create movements that are fast and beautiful. When using
Ermei Piercers with this strategy, these three weapons are combined into one.
Chinese name:
Emei (thorn) Piercer
Fen Shui Emei thorn “Part the Water” Ermei Piercer
Dai’s Heart Ermei Piercer
Dai’s Mind Ermei Piercer

Cone with thick middle and thin ends
About 30 cm (1 foot)
Age of emergence:
Possibly Late Ming Dynasty
A Chinese martial arts weapons- Traditional,Short, Double and concealable
The weapon is light and easy to carry, suitable for women and concealable.


Written by Sifu Kenny Perez