Country Of Origin: Honk Kong, China
Styles of Martial Art: Traditional Tang Ren Kung Fu Tai Chi
Date of Birth: 16/04/1951

Sifu Ben Ma

Some writings from Sifu Ben Ma regarding his philosophies and teachings of traditional Kung fu & Taiji

The “ Tang Zi “ character “ WU “ embody the high standards in expressing the true values and fundamental “ MORALS “ codes of RESPECT, HONOUR, LOYALTY and TRUST; which all traditional “ Tang Ren “ Kung Fu Tai Chi Sifus and students must keep to the code.
Do not seek to initiate combat nor cause violence. Do not hurt others or invade nations. Stopping the perpetual cycle of violence while keeping and maintaining the “ PEACE “. Violence fought with the same violence will end in a perpetual cycle where any action is done in anger. That will only fuel further strife.
Eliminating ANIMOSITY, BULLYING, HATRED and RACISM; eliminating your opponent’s desire for vengeance. By allowing your opponents to see a different perspective way of destiny you hold up for the “ MORALS “ and the right for HUMANITY FREEDOM, FAIRNESS FOR ALL, EQUALITY IN JUSTICE and INTEGRITY. One by one , they will stand beside you shoulder to shoulder like a  SISTER/BROTHER; and in the end they will be lifetime FRIEND. You achieve the ultimate goal of self defence in traditional “Tang Ren “  Kung Fu Tai Chi!

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