Country Of Origin: China
Styles of Martial Art: Shang Style Xingyiquan

Shang Yunxiang

Shang Yunxiang (1864 -1937) is martial artist, Xingyiquan master and founder of Shang style Xingyiquan. He first learnt Xingyiquan skill from Li Cunyi and later Guo Yunshen. He was thin and weak and was less than 1.6 meters tall, however, his fame spread all over the martial art world for his “Half Step Bengquan” , “Qi Full of Belly” , “Big Spear” and excellent combat ability. He was hired by Li Lianying, the Head Eunuch of Qing Dynasty, to guard his courtyard, worked as a Biaotou (headman of a biaoju) in Beijing and Baoding.

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