Country Of Origin: Hong Kong, China
Styles of Martial Art: 5th Gen Wong Fei-Hung Hung Ga Lau Kar Hung Kuen Grandmaster. 3rd Gen Lau Cham Family Lineage Branch

Grandmaster Lau Kar Yung

Lau Kar Yung grandfather Lau Cham(Lau jaam) been famous for his strength. He could hold up the lion’s head for hours in lion dances. Lau Cham also taught his sons and daughter Hung Kuen, Lion dancing and Chinese Herbal Medicine/Clinic. Lau Kar Yung is the grandson of Lau Cham (Lau Jaam). Kar yung is son of Lau Cham second daughter Lau Shiu Yee and is also Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Wing’s nephew. His birth last name is Ho, and he love training kung fu since young. When he was five year old , he was followed Lau Shiu Yee (Mother) to learn Lau’s Family Hung Kuen, lion dancing, and chinese herbal medicine(dit ta) at Lau cham’s martial arts school. He also joined the Lau Kar Ban(Liu Jiaban)/ Lau’s brothers and changed his name to actor name “Lau Kar Yung “. After 62 year later, he is now the Fifth Generation Wong Fei Hung Hung Kuen Lau Kar’s Grandmaster. The Love of Hung Ga and making kung fu movie, his goal is to travel around the globe passing on their Lau family Kung Fu and Dit-ta knowledge to one that love Hung Kuen. Lau Kar kung fu always been on cinema movie/films proudly made more than 500 movies/films. Currently he continues spreading the lineage across the globe. Additional family member was added for The 6th generation apprentice, representing Germany Master Jau and Mexico Master James Valentino Santi. Still want involving in making new action film or movie with young bloods. Kar Yung title as Hung Kuen Consultant in movie industry. Hope this platform will bring us closer to our Lau Family fans and Lau Kar Yung’s Fan. Honored to meet & greet with all Martial art and Kung Fu sifu around the world. #Respect others who give you the same respect

5th Gen Wong Fei-Hung Hung Ga Lau Kar Hung Kuen Grandmaster. 3rd Gen Lau Cham Family Lineage Branch

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