Country Of Origin: China
Styles of Martial Art: Tai Chi Mantis
Date of Death:03/08/1991

Grandmaster Chiu Chuk Kai

Seventh Generation Tai Chi Praying Mantis

Master Chiu was born in Lo Wang Village  (路旺村), Sha Ho Town (沙河鎮), Yick County (掖縣), Shun Tung Province (山東省). His mother died when he was 5. His grandmother looked after him for 2 years and eventually returned him to his father. Unfortunately, his father was a fanatic opera fan, therefore, he hardly saw his father. Chiu was cared for mostly by a neighboring lady who lived next door.

One hot day, Chiu was resting in front of a temple, an old monk saw him and realized this person could be a good martial artist. The old monk asked the old lady’s permission if he could take Chiu and teach him martial arts. Because Chiu’s father had died when Chiu was 12, the old lady agreed and gave the monk her address so Chiu could be returned to her. The monk took Chiu to the Chi Chong Temple (智藏寺) on Dai Chak mountain (大澤山), in Ping Do county (平度縣), Shun Tung. Chiu studied from two other monks: Ching Chuen (清泉) and Gok Dong (覺東). They taught him Shao Lin Long Fist, single moves, short distance fighting using hand method, changing method, control, fight back, attack, falls, chi gung, iron body, weapons, weight lifting, riding, and archery.

Chiu spent 10 years at the mountain until his two Sifus passed away. Chiu returned home and found a job at Tak Sing Security (德勝鏢局), where he was a security guard protecting valuable shipments like jewelry. Tak Sing Security closed down after its owner died. Afterward, Chiu went to stay with his uncle who lived in Yin Tai. There, his uncle offered him a job in his trading company. Chiu did not accept the offer because he was not interested in becoming a business man. He also didn’t think he had mastered all the martial arts techniques yet. Therefore, he and a few of his rich friends hired a famous martial artist,  Yum Fung Tsui ( 任豐瑞)  to teach them Praying Mantis style for 3 years. After the three years, they then followed Master Chi Sau Jung  (遲守進)  for another 4 years. Yum and Chi were the sixth generation of the Tai Chi Praying Mantis. After 7 years of training, Chiu’s level had progressed immensely. Later, Chiu was hired by the Mow Ping county. In the Dai Yew village, he taught Kung Fu. A year later Chiu’s uncle invited him again to help him in his business. Chiu returned to Yin Tai and was stationed at Dai Lin doing trading business. However, he resigned his post because at that time, the Japanese ruled Dai Lin. Chiu also started a martial arts training center in Yin Tai, hoping to train some students to help spread the Mantis style.

A friend of Chiu talked him into traveling South to teach martial arts so the Mantis style would be spread down to the southern parts of China. Chiu moved to Hong Kong for the first two years and later he moved to Macau and started a Kung Fu training center. Chiu stayed there for 15 years until the second world war was over. He then accepted an invitation from Vietnam to teach Kung Fu in both North and South Vietnam. Master Chiu spent a total of 15 years overseas and taught thousands of students. He then moved back to Hong Kong and taught the artistry of Kung Fu until he passed away at the age of ninety-one (1991).Since the millennium year,Grandmaster Chiu’s widow, Madam Lam Miu Ling, is still resided in Hong Kong by herself. The only son of Grandmaster Chiu, Chiu Hon Lun, has lead the Chiu Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis International Association in Hong Kong and has been connecting our members of the Kung Fu family all over the world.

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